The RSB Standard

Ensuring sustainable biomaterials production through a uniquely robust standard.

The RSB Standard contributes to food security, rural development and protection of ecosystems. RSB’s membership base of sector pioneers, business leaders, NGO and UN agencies have developed the 12 principles of the standard.

Five things you should know about the RSB Standard:

  1. It ensures food security, rural development and protection of ecosystems.
  2. It has been developed by the RSB alongside stakeholders from across sectors, regions, supply chains, government and NGOs.
  3. Through our support for innovation and development of partnerships, the Standard is actively driving the bioeconomy.
  4. It is committed to mitigating social and environmental risks and finding solutions.
  5. It will help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Application of the RSB Standard showcases a company’s commitment to sustainability and the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Download the Guide to the RSB Standard now.

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What makes our Standard Best in Class?

Participative and Transparent through Stakeholder consultation
Water rights of local communities are respected and supported
Use of chemicals controlled
50% reduction in GHG emissions
Zero deforestation






Covers the whole supply chain
Improvement of rural development when operating in a region of poverty
No forced labour
Ensures Food Security
Environment and social impact protection
Land rights are respected







RSB Standard

About the Standard

We help companies ensure sustainable production through a unique combination of characteristics.

RSB Standard

Standard Development

RSB is a full member of the ISEAL alliance and The RSB Standard is constantly evolving to adapt to new technology, incorporate new research and insights into sustainability issues.

RSB Standard

Standard Documents

Download the documents relating to the certification standard, guidelines and guidance for operators and assurance system standard and other standards.

Case Study

NRDC Recommends Airlines Source Only RSB Certified Biofuels

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)’s 2016 Aviation Scorecard report recommends that airlines should make public commitments to source only RSB-certified aviation biofuels, and communicate this to fuel and feedstock producers. NRDC also recommends that airlines without delivery contracts for RSB-certified biofuels should explore and secure them at the earliest opportunity.

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