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RSB to develop first-of-its-kind biofuels book and claim system for Maersk

A.P. Moller – Maersk is rolling out a flagship project with RSB to pass emissions savings from its use of alternative fuels on to its clients, with retail giant H&M among the first to benefit.

RSB is developing a ‘book and claim’ system that will allow Maersk to reliably and credibly pass on greenhouse gas savings to customers as part of its drive to reach carbon neutrality.

The system being developed by RSB will enable Maersk’s customers to be credited for these savings on the transportation of goods, lowering the carbon footprint of the final product in shops. This will be a powerful tool for these customers to make claims about their lowered carbon footprint based on a truly credible and practical system developed the world’s most trusted sustainability standard.

“This is a truly exciting project which will enable consumers to access the real benefit of using low carbon fuels. This is an exciting step for Maersk and its customers in realising their climate positive vision and RSB is proud to be supporting them in ensuring that their impact goes beyond emissions to include all aspects of real social and environmental sustainability,” explains Rolf Hogan, RSB Executive Director.

While the fuel in the pilot is not currently certified to RSB’s best-in-class sustainability standard, as an RSB member and partner Maersk aspires to RSB certification for the full supply chain of its fuel. This means that not only will Maersk be able to pass on its emissions savings, it will also be able to make claims about the social and environmental sustainability of the fuels it uses.

Maersk is committed to supporting the use of RSB-certified biofuels and advanced fuels and we look forward to building on the success of this pilot project to develop a fully RSB-certified supply chain for the fuels we offer our customers,” says John Kornerup, Head of Sustainability Strategy & Climate Change at Maersk.

By empowering Maersk to pass on GHG emission savings to their customers who are transporting goods around the world, this project will ultimately help customers capture the benefit of Maersk’s carbon neutral operational activities (Scope 1), while providing the full supply chain emissions savings (Scope 3).

RSB is developing a system that will be both credible and practical to negate the risk of double accounting and ensure ease of use.

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