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Flightnook joins RSB to ensure trust, transparency and credibility for passengers to build a sustainable aviation industry

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials is very pleased to welcome Flightnook as the latest member of our community. Flightnook aims to support passengers worldwide to mitigate the impact of flying by directly supporting the development of truly sustainable alternative aviation fuel. Flightnook’s platform allows passengers to reduce the climate impact of the flights they take by paying a small surcharge, based on the conditions of their flight, to purchase alternative fuels.

From aircraft manufacturers to airlines, fuel and feedstock producers, the drive to develop a truly sustainable aviation industry involves many players, partnerships and innovative technologies. By empowering consumers to make responsible choices when it comes to the way they fly, Flightnook is another link in a chain that is already building a roadmap for sustainable passenger flights in the 21st century. By recognising that any use of alternative fuels must be paired with a truly robust sustainability certification like RSB, Flightnook can ensure that passengers can have confidence that they are supporting the development of the industry in a way that does not compromise on social or environmental sustainability.

Max Eichelbaum, Flightnook’s Founder, had this to say about joining the RSB community: “Flightnook is very proud to join RSB’s membership community, with our shared goals and vision, we believe that RSB and its 12 sustainability principles are an excellent partner for us as we seek to help consumers build a brighter future for aviation – based on sustainability, trust and transparency.”

Members of our community are driving the development of the sustainable bioeconomy – by working on our best-in-class sustainability standard, collaborating on exciting projects and unlocking solutions from different industry sectors and areas of expertise – and we look forward to Flightnook’s contribution.

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