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RSB and Queensland Renewable Fuels Association Sign MOU to Support Certification of Biofuels

RSB and Queensland Renewable Fuels Association Sign MOU to Support Certification of Biofuels

Philadelphia, USA: Today at the BIO World Congress on Industrial Technology, the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) and the Queensland Renewable Fuels Association (QRFA) signed an MOU partnership agreement to support the certification of biofuels and endorsement of future low carbon fuel projects domestically in Queensland, Australia.

Rolf Hogan, Executive Director of RSB, and Larissa Rose, Managing Director at Queensland’s Renewable Fuels Association, launch the partnership at the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology.

This unique collaboration will assist with bringing together the biofuel value-chain process to align with certification. This partnership is a significant demonstration of the opportunities for Australian domestic production of biofuels in becoming certified against the world’s most trusted sustainability standard.   As the second largest sugar cane producer in the world, the country is particularly well-placed to be a leader on sustainably certified fuels.

Through the new partnership, RSB and QRFA will work to boost the profile and importance of certification of biofuels in the region in order to support the objectives of developing low-carbon fuel opportunities and projects that assist with decarbonising transport across Queensland, Australia and the globe. The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials provides the most-trusted and peer-reviewed sustainability standard for biomaterials and will be supporting the QRFA in its mission to develop a local bioeconomy anchored in true sustainability – covering a comprehensive of range of environmental, social and legal risks.

At the launch of the partnership, RSB’s Executive Director, Rolf Hogan, had this to say: “Globally we are seeing the impact of regional initiatives, like the Queensland Renewables Fuels Association, on the development of the bioeconomy – by supporting feedstock producers, developing markets and pushing for the ignition of local supply chains – and RSB is incredibly proud to be able to offer our expertise in sustainability, meaningful certification and market development to this project and its bold vision of a cleaner, greener and healthier sector.”

This collaboration opens the door for RSB to work alongside a wider set of stakeholders in Queensland, further supporting QRFA’s aim of aligning with global stakeholders to build and support the domestic supply chain.

“Developing global partnerships are important to support connectivity between current and emerging stakeholders within our domestic supply chain as well as being a critical component to interlinking us with an expanding international industry,” said Larissa Rose, Managing Director at Queensland’s Renewable Fuels Association, whose organisation is working to enhance and grow the renewable fuels industry in Queensland. “The MoU is an important showcase on how our industry requires the assemblage of both existing and new stakeholders to work together in new ways to further develop and build a robust renewable fuels sector”.

QRFA have been actively engaging with leading countries, states, governments, and technology specialists around the world to ensure their domestic industry is interconnected with global leaders and organisations.

By supporting the certification of biofuels producers in Queensland, this partnership between QRFA and RSB promises to support the region’s sustainable transition to a zero carbon economy. With innovative and exciting projects to be announced in the coming year, this new collaboration promises to help kickstart a new era of biofuel production in Australia – and beyond.



For more information, please contact:

Hannah Walker, Marketing & Communications Manager

Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials

[email protected] | +27724219241


Notes to Editors

About the Queensland Renewable Fuels Association (QRFA)

The Queensland Renewable Fuels Association (QRFA) (link) is a state-based industry association that supports the development of building a renewable fuels industry.  QRFA’s mission is to enhance and grow the renewable fuels sector in Queensland through engagement, collaboration and promotion of education, innovation, and investment.

The inclusive structure of the QRFA serves to bring together industry, government, and businesses in the agriculture, research, education, processing, and marketing sectors, whilst aligning and seeking businesses to attain low carbon objectives by transitioning to the uptake of renewable fuels.

It is our firm belief that the objectives of government, motorists and industry are best met by a Queensland-based association whose principal focus is on building a domestic low carbon fuel economy, while embracing solidarity of global initiatives.  Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn


About the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global, multi-stakeholder independent organisation that drives the development of a new world bioeconomy through sustainability solutions, certification, innovation and collaborative partnerships.

We provide credible tools and solutions for sustainability that mitigate business risk, contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and have the world’s most trusted, peer-reviewed, global certification standard for sustainable biomaterials, biofuels and biomass production.

The RSB has members from a worldwide movement of businesses, NGOs, academics, government and UN organisations that all have the same goal of supporting and driving best practice for sustainable biomaterial production. We are a collaboration of more than 60 diverse organisations that have united to create the RSB. What was once a vision to ensure biofuel sustainability has grown into a global sustainability certification for all biomaterials.    Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

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