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Valentina Vecchio

Boeing - Vice Chair of RSB Board - Chamber 2

Valentina Vecchio is Boeing Global Sustainability Policy & Partnerships lead for strategic engagement & execution. In this role, Valentina integrates and maximises the effectiveness of a global team in order to advance Boeing’s sustainable aerospace mission. Valentina joined Boeing in September 2018 and was responsible for representing the enterprise’s interests with European institutions, most notably the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Aviation Safety Agency. In January 2021, Valentina was appointed Boeing Europe regional lead for sustainability: in this role, Valentina worked across the UK and the EU to manage an integrated sustainability strategy and advance regional business goals. Since 2021,

Valentina is the author of several publications in reputed aerospace law journals and received European and international prizes awarded by the European Air Law Association, Women in Aerospace Europe, and the International Institute of Space Law. In her spare time, Valentina enjoys painting and learning Hindi.

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