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Tim Thomson

Charm Industrial - Interim Sustainable Finance Director

Tim Thomson is the Chief Financial Officer at Charm Industrial, a US-based company focused on transforming agricultural residue into bio-oil for permanent carbon removal. Prior to joining Charm in 2022, Tim has served as a finance leader at a number of high-growth, climate businesses including Meati, Impossible Foods, and Plenty. Throughout all of these roles, he has played an instrumental role in strategy and helping secure both debt and equity for these companies as they rapidly scaled up innovative technologies. Tim initially transitioned into startups as one of the early finance hires at Stripe, a fintech leader that has also played a key role in creating new climate finance markets.

Tim began his career in investment banking and private equity, where he focused on helping middle-market companies raise innovative finance solutions ranging from growth equity to leveraged buyouts. He was recognised as a Robertson Scholar at Duke University, where he graduated with a degree in Economics and a certificate in Markets and Management Studies.

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