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RSB Japan FIT (Biomass) Certification

The RSB Japan FIT Scheme certification has been developed to enable biomass producers and traders to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability requirements of RSB and to unlock access to Japan’s Feed in Tarif (FIT) system. FIT sets out a system of incentives for the production of renewable electricity in Japan which includes subsidies for the procurement of biomass which includes vegetable oils as well as various agricultural and industrial residues and end-of-life products.

Specific requirements for the certification of biomass – including for chain of custody – were published by Japan’s Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry in April 2020. The RSB Japan FIT standard incorporates these requirements so that products certified under this standard will be eligible under Japan’s FIT system.

Read the RSB Guide to Japan FIT (Biomass) Certification

Certification context

RSB’s Japan FIT (Biomass) Certification is for use by operators producing, procuring and importing biomass into Japan under Japan’s Feed in Tariff (FIT) system.

RSB’s Japan FIT (Biomass) Certification is applicable to operators producing, processing and trading biomass, including vegetable oils, residues and end-of-life products destined for use for power generation in Japan.

Currently, the following residues-based feedstocks are accepted under the RSB Japan FIT (Biomass) Certification:

  • Palm kernel shell (PKS)
  • Palm trunks
Read all associated documentation for this scheme

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Working with the RSB Principles & Criteria

When it comes to working with RSB’s sustainability framework, not every document applies to every producer. By completing the self-risk assessment and screening exercises before the certification process, your context-specific sustainability requirements will be set out.

Depending on your certification scope and the type of operator you are, you will only need to work with some of these documents. The specific sustainability requirements that apply to your operation will be clarified when you complete your screening exercise.

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