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RSB CORSIA Certification

RSB’s CORSIA Certification describes how to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from bio-based and advanced feedstocks in a way that enhances long-term environmental and social outcomes – ensuring eligibility under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

The standard was recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation in December 2020 and specifies requirements for operators along the supply chain to produce SAF that is eligible under CORSIA, and complies with RSB’s sustainability requirements – thus allowing aviation leaders to make powerful claims on greenhouse gas reductions and other important sustainability aspects such as food security, environmental protection and human rights.

Read the RSB Standard for ICAO CORSIA

Certification context

The scheme enables the certification of SAF made from:

  • Primary biomass
  • Biomass from end-of-life products and production residues
  • Municipal solid waste

Operators can also opt to certify for CORSIA eligibility only (non-RSB), meaning that they will be required to prove compliance against the two CORSIA sustainability criteria only (greenhouse gases and carbon stock). SAF certified this way will only carry the CORSIA claim, and will not benefit from the additional sustainability impact and claims provided by achieving full RSB CORSIA certification.

Read all associated documentation for this scheme

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Working with the RSB Principles & Criteria

When it comes to working with RSB’s sustainability framework, not every document applies to every producer. By completing the self-risk assessment and screening exercises before the certification process, your context-specific sustainability requirements will be set out.

Depending on your certification scope and the type of operator you are, you will only need to work with some of these documents. The specific sustainability requirements that apply to your operation will be clarified when you complete your screening exercise.

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