RSB's members are the foundation of our organisation.

RSB members are part of a worldwide movement of businesses, NGO’s, academics, governments and UN organisations that demonstrate their commitment to best practice for sustainable biomaterial, biofuels and biomass production.

This independent organisation unites these global stakeholders and is the most trusted, peer-reviewed member body active in the bioeconomy, which promotes bioproducts that enhance rural development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote food security.

RSB Member Chambers

RSB members are organised into five Chambers that elect the governing body of the organisation – the Assembly of Delegates. The Assembly appoints a Board of Directors to provide oversight to the Secretariat which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Membership Chambers represent different sectors of business, civil society, trade unions, government, academia and multi-lateral organisations. The Chambers elect representatives to the Assembly of Delegates and Board of Directors.

Chamber 1
Chamber 2
Chamber 3
Chamber 4
Chamber 5

Chamber 1

Biomass producers (e.g. farmers, plantation managers and other feedstock growers) and industrial biomaterial/bioenergy producers.

Chamber 2

Retailers/blenders, transportation industry, users of biomaterials and banks/investors.

Chamber 3

Rights-based NGOs (including land, water, human, and labour rights) and trade unions, rural development, food security, smallholder farmers, indigenous people, and community-based civil society organisations.

Chamber 4

Environment or conservation organisations and climate change or policy organisations.

Chamber 5

Intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), governments, research/academic institutions, standard-setters, specialist advisory agencies, certification agencies, and consultant organisations, as well as any other applicants for membership who do not fulfil the characteristics of any other Chamber.

We Build Bridges for a Sustainable Future

By working with RSB you can help shape the future of the world bio-economy – and prove your commitment to a sustainable, thriving future.

Chamber Teleconferences

Chamber teleconferences take place on a regular basis. All teleconference reports are available upon request. Please contact the Secretariat (

Who we are

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the RSB.

Who we are

The Assembly of Delegates

The RSB Assembly of Delegates (AoD) is the highest decision-making body of the RSB.

Who we are

RSB Secretariat

The Secretariat runs the process to develop and revise the RSB Standard.


  • “The RSB standard has shattered the glass ceiling, accelerating development in the bioeconomy space”

    Jason Leadbitter
    Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, INOVYN

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