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SAF, now! Watch recordings from our deep-dive webinars on all you need to know about sustainable aviation fuel

Earlier this year, RSB hosted a series of public webinars for individuals across airlines and corporates, providing them with value-added information and insight from RSB experts and its partners to leverage the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) opportunity and achieve their decarbonisation goals. The recordings of these webinars are now freely available to watch, re-watch and dive into expert views on all things related to SAF sustainability from raw materials to book and claim.

At COP28, in partnership with Alaska Airlines and Microsoft, RSB announced the official launch of – an educational resource designed to empower key decision-makers with educational videos and factsheets on topics most relevant to making the switch to SAF. Within the first couple of months, had already amassed over 10,000 unique visitors to the microsite.

In response to the increasing interest in this resource, RSB and its partners recently hosted a four-part webinar series of specially curated learning sessions, covering relevant topics that would help stakeholders dive deeper into the world of SAF.

In this webinar, we introduced the topics of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and why it is such an important tool to achieve meaningful aviation decarbonisation.
In this webinar, we explored what kinds of materials that can be turned into SAF – and how – as well as looking at the associated potential sustainability pitfalls and how they can be addressed.
In this webinar, we unpacked the potential of power-to-X (PtX) – an exciting innovative conversion technology that can turn renewable electricity into SAF.
In our final webinar, we saw how the chain of custody model known as ‘book and claim’ can unlock supply and support SAF to reach the global scale needed to achieve ambitious decarbonisation goals. 

If you are looking to accelerate your organisation’s decarbonisation goals, the webinar recordings, educational videos and factsheets are now publicly available on for anyone to explore.

If your organisation would like to use any of the resources on the website, please reach out to RSB’s Marketing & Communication team (cris.robertson [at]

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