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RSB publishes Impact Report 2023

We are proud to publish the RSB Impact Report 2023: a comprehensive review of our year’s achievements and progress in advancing the just and sustainable transition to a bio-based and circular economy.

Reflecting on a decade of growth since its establishment, in 2013, RSB has shown to continually leverage its best-in-class sustainability framework in creating positive environmental and social impacts. The RSB Impact Report 2023 underscores our community’s commitment to sustainable practices and highlights key initiatives and milestones achieved over the past year.

  1. Community growth: RSB welcomed 30 new organisations from all over the world, expanding its diverse network to 147 members across RSB’s five chambers.
  2. Events: We hosted 1,592 participants at 16 engaging and interactive events, which were pivotal in engaging the RSB member base on policy discussions, emerging technologies and relevant sustainability topics.
  3. Membership platforms: In 2023, our seven member platforms fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders to advance sustainability best practices and innovations in the biocircular economy. These platforms focus on key areas such as sustainable aviation fuel, marine fuels, and biomass policy.
  4. Programmatic success: RSB’s landscape-level programmes and partner projects have made significant progress in promoting sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production in Southeast Asia, advancing sustainability in various sectors through EU-funded initiatives, and beyond.
  5. Advisory services: 25 projects delivered to organisations across the bio economy, providing tailored solutions to help them navigate sustainability complexities and build positive impacts to support a growing biocircular economy.
  6. an educational resource was built in partnership with Alaska Airlines and Microsoft, and launched at COP28 – with almost 10,000 unique visitors within a couple of months.
  7. Certifying sustainability: RSB saw continued growth in its certification schemes, with RSB CORSIA-certified SAF available on the market in 2023, and recorded as much as GHG emissions reductions as 1,480 flights from London to Tokyo.
  8. Book and claim system: The launch of the RSB Book & Claim Registry marked a significant step forward in decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors like aviation and shipping.
  9. Financial health: RSB concluded the financial year with strong revenues and a positive net result, ensuring continued investment in impactful sustainability initiatives.

The RSB Impact Report 2023 is now available online. We invite all stakeholders, members, and partners to review the report and join us in our mission to drive a sustainable and equitable future. Please find an archive of RSB’s previous Impact Reports online here.

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