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Have your say on book and claim for the maritime sector: RSB consultation opens

RSB invites global stakeholders and interested parties from the shipping sector and related industries to participate in a survey on the applicability of the RSB Book & Claim Manual for sustainable marine fuels (SMF). 

Participate in the consultation online here. You can download a Word version of it here. And a PDF version of it here.

If you don’t complete the survey online, please manually send your responses to [email protected] by 25th April 2024. 

Book and claim offers a solution to connect sustainable marine fuel supply with global demand, and to allocate the indirect emission reduction benefit with corporations wishing to reduce the Scope 3 emissions of their cargo travel. Building on our experience in implementing book and claim for sustainable aviation fuels, we would now like to invite stakeholders from the shipping sector to guide us in the upcoming phase of adapting book and claim to suit the needs of the maritime sector. 

Click here to watch a 5-minute presentation about the RSB Book & Claim System for shipping presented at an IMO Meeting in December 2023. 

The online consultation, which runs until 25th April 2024, will provide RSB with valuable input to adapt the existing RSB Book & Claim System, including the RSB Book & Claim Manual and the RSB Registry, to the maritime sector. 

Members of the RSB Sustainable Marine Fuels Platform (an RSB member-only initiative) will receive a detailed overview of the consultation during the 10th April meeting. 

Who can participate? 

Anyone can participate in the consultation. We especially encourage stakeholders from the maritime sector to take part. Key stakeholders can include: shipping operators, SMF producers and suppliers, and research and social and environmental groups dealing with SMF and maritime decarbonisation. 

How to participate: 

Please fill in this survey by no later than 25th April 2024. 

The aggregated and anonymised results of the consultation will be shared with all respondents in Q3, 2024. 

For more information email [email protected] 

Stakeholder Consultation at RSB 

Meaningful multi-stakeholder consultation is essential to the development of robust, credible Standards and Procedures that advance social and environmental sustainability and positive impacts, and provide practical tools for industry. RSB conducts all development and modifications in line with the “RSB Procedure for Development and Modification of RSB Standards, RSB Procedures and RSB Guidance”. 

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