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LanzaTech’s Freya Burton joins RSB Board of Directors to build engagement and impact for materials & chemicals sectors

The RSB Board of Directors has been bolstered with the addition of Freya Burton, who joins in an observer role as Materials & Chemicals Value Chains Advisor.

RSB’s Board of Directors, led by Chair Adam Klauber and Vice Chair Valentina Vecchio, plays a crucial role in providing strategic guidance and oversight of RSB on its mission to advance the just transition to a sustainable bioeconomy. This includes steering the continuous development of our globally-recognised sustainability framework, and ensuring that the latest insights from every sector are sufficiently integrated. This is especially true with regard to the materials and chemical sectors.

As the RSB Board’s new Materials & Chemicals Value Chains Advisor, Freya joins the Board to bring her expertise to supporting RSB’s to grow its impact within material and chemical sectors. She will provide guidance on facilitating engagement within value chains, while also directing the development of offerings to expand RSB’s reach, and fostering connections with key organisations and individuals in the sector.

Our societies heavily rely on fossil-based carbon, a key component in various everyday products like clothes, building materials, fuel, cleaning solutions, personal care items and medical plastics. While renewable energy can provide carbon-free power, products such as textiles and packaging still depend on carbon. Initiatives exist to replace carbon-based ingredients, but the chemicals and materials sectors often lack support in policies and incentives compared to carbon accounting or renewable energy.

However, according to Freya Burton, the RSB Board’s new Materials & Chemicals Value Chains Advisor, the challenge lies in sourcing carbon for everyday products rather than immediately eliminating its use.

Freya Burton has served as LanzaTech’s Chief Sustainability Officer since 2016 and the Head of LanzaTech Europe since February 2024. She has spent much of her career trying to challenge what we think we know about carbon, helping form a new narrative about circularity and how a circular carbon economy can support our climate goals. She believes a holistic approach considering biodiversity, land use, water and emissions is necessary, alongside enabling consumer brands to emphasise sustainability benefits beyond carbon accounting.

“Companies are already working to find ways to safeguard production systems, and it is an opportunity for RSB to highlight the benefits of a robust and trusted supply chain – especially with increased risks associated with green washing claims for many materials sectors. I look forward to using my skills to advise the RSB Board and Secretariat to grow engagement and impact within the materials and chemical sectors,” says Freya Burton.

“I am delighted to welcome Freya to the RSB Board of Directors and am extremely excited for her to share her expertise in the new role of Materials & Chemicals Value Chains Advisor.” says Elena Schmidt, RSB Executive Director. “As the bioeconomy’s benefits become more accepted across global sectors and industries, it is vital that RSB is able to match that interest with sustainability impact creation. I have no doubt that Freya’s expertise will be vital in guiding RSB to create impact in these sectors.”

If you are interested in taking a leadership role in the RSB’s Board of Directors, as we guide the transition to a just and sustainable bioeconomy, you can contact us here.


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