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Natural progression of collaboration as Microsoft joins RSB


Microsoft has announced that it will be joining the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), a global membership organisation that has been guiding the sustainable transformation to a biocircular economy for over a decade, as part of its plans to be carbon negative by 2030.

As an RSB member, Microsoft will benefit from access to relevant industry initiatives and platforms that are shaping future markets, such as the newly launched RSB Book & Claim Platform, which supports RSB’s work in developing and promoting a robust and credible book and claim model that drives faster and broader decarbonisation across multiple sectors. Microsoft will also be invited to contribute to the continuous development of RSB’s sustainability framework – the world’s most trusted and peer-reviewed approach to advancing the sustainable and circular bioeconomy, developed by the organisation’s multi-stakeholder membership – which RSB uses to develop projects, new knowledge and best-practices that equip key decision-makers to deliver positive impacts for people and the planet.

“RSB takes a holistic and credible approach to a wide spectrum of social and environmental sustainability considerations. Its development of a robust and transparent Book and Claim framework is well positioned to play a crucial role supporting the decarbonisation of hard to abate industries, including sustainable aviation fuels (SAF),” said Julia Fidler, fuel and materials decarbonisation manager, Microsoft. “From our earliest exploration into sustainable fuels, RSB’s approach to traceable and independent certification of feedstock and its rigorous sustainability criteria have provided key guidance to our SAF purchasing strategy. During that time, RSB has also provided important support as we have launched initiatives in this space, including in our previous Book and Claim pilot. Our membership in RSB is a natural progression of this collaboration, and we look forward to actively contributing in the RSB community.”

“Microsoft’s decision to join RSB is an exciting development for us. We recognise their leadership in both the technology and sustainability spaces and applaud them on their strong commitments to move faster and go further. Our collaborative network strives to lead the way towards a biocircular economy, and Microsoft’s expertise and innovative spirit will be a valuable asset in achieving our mission. We eagerly anticipate the contributions that Microsoft will make in the RSB Book & Claim Platform, and we are committed to supporting them in their goal of being carbon negative by 2030,” said Elena Schmidt, Executive Director of RSB.”


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