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Braskem joins RSB with eye on sustainable solutions market for aviation industry

Braskem has become a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), a global non-profit sustainability organisation that has developed a trusted sustainability framework to guide the development of renewable and circular fuels and materials. This approach has been developed by RSB’s multi-stakeholder membership, of which Braskem is now a part, and is applied at the global level through certification, projects and collaborative partnerships, with a focus on sustainable solutions for the aviation industry, such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF): renewable, low-carbon alternative aviation fuels.

As a RSB member, Braskem will now become part of an environment that promotes partnership for the aviation sector, together with airlines companies and aircraft manufacturers – among other organisations.

“Being an RSB member will not only help us understand what are the best biofuels solutions for the aviation market but also to bring us closer to potential partners and clients, always being alert for what society demands ,” said Cirilo Vieira, Fuel Director at Braskem.

Welcoming Braskem as a member, Elena Schmidt, RSB’s Executive Director said, “RSB members come together to set the sustainability agenda for the growing bioeconomy. Braskem is now part of this group along with global aviation leaders and pioneers from other sectors who work with RSB to build and implement the very best practice for the global transition away from fossil fuels towards a sustainable bio-based and circular economy. I am thrilled to officially welcome Braskem and look forward to working with them on this journey.”


[The original press release can be found here]

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