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Elena Schmidt appointed as RSB Executive Director on a permanent basis

After a 6-month interim appointment, the RSB Board of Directors are delighted to announce that Elena Schmidt has been appointed as RSB’s Executive Director on a permanent basis.

Elena will continue her leadership of RSB – where she originally joined as Standards Director in 2015 – going forward to continue to grow and develop the organisation as it seeks to support the global transition from an extractive fossil-based economy to a circular and bio-based one.

Since taking on the role of the interim Executive Director in April 2021, Elena has been leading the RSB Secretariat as it seeks to build on its successes of previous years and ensure it remains the most trusted sustainability partner for global pioneers and leaders in the bio-based and circular economy. From today, RSB’s stakeholders are invited to learn and engage more in this journey at RSB’s first every fully-virtual Annual Conference – an event that will showcase the amazing power and applications of RSB’s community network, sustainability standard and approach to innovation.

Remarking on Elena’s appointment, Vice Chair of the RSB Board of Directors, Laurel Harmon had this to say, “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Elena over many years and I am delighted that she will continue on as RSB’s Executive Director. Seeing her commitment and leadership in action, the RSB Board of Directors have been left in no doubt that RSB is in wonderful hands as it continues to develop to meet the challenges and opportunities of the years to come.”

Maiju Helin, Chair of the RSB Board of Directors, remarked on Elena’s leadership, “From the moment she stepped into this role, Elena has led the organisation with decisiveness and incredible expertise. She continues her leadership with the full support of the RSB Board and the Secretariat with whom she has been working to develop and strengthen RSB’s value to members and stakeholders to create lasting impact for the global bio-based and circular economy. We are excited to see how Elena’s leadership will continue to drive RSB onwards to fulfilling its huge potential as an organisation to support the global sustainable transition.”

Elena Schmidt joined the RSB in 2015 and has served as the RSB Standards Director since that time. Prior to joining the RSB, she was Head of the TÜV SÜD Certification Body for Climate and Energy. Elena has extensive experience with sustainability programmes and a strong record of delivering product and business model innovations.

“I am humbled to have the continued trust and support of RSB’s Board and secretariat to lead RSB into the future – a future where I know that our organisation can play a decisive and important role in creating a just and sustainable transition from a fossil-based to a circular and bio-based economy that benefits communities and the planet. I look forward to working with all of our stakeholders to make that vision a reality together,” added Elena Schmidt, RSB’s Executive Director.

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