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RSB Leadership Transition

After an eight-year tenure as RSB Executive Director, during which he led the establishment and consolidation of RSB as an independent organisation and its expansion to new products, markets and partnerships, Rolf Hogan has decided to explore new horizons.

“It has been fantastic to see RSB go from strength to strength over the last few years. I feel very proud to have led such a dedicated team and to have worked with so many committed members through the years. With RSB on a solid base, I see it as a good time to hand over to fresh leadership that can bring new energy and enable RSB to reach its true potential,” said Rolf Hogan. “I am looking forward to new professional challenges and wish both staff and members all the best in taking RSB forward to new heights.” 

Reflecting on Rolf’s long tenure with RSB, Maiju Helin, Chair of the RSB Board of Directors, said: “The Board is grateful to Rolf for his dedicated work during the past eight years: during his tenure, Rolf led the creation of an effective, skilled and motivated remote team in Europe, Africa and Latin America. During this time RSB’s standard has expanded into new markets and sectors and RSB has increased traction with global brands seeking credible certification and technical advice. RSB is in a strong position with its proven technical expertise, robust partnerships and solid financial base. With a growing global footprint, RSB now has the capacity and experience to scale up its impact in guiding a global transition to a sustainable bio-based and circular economy.

The RSB is pleased to announce that RSB’s Standards Director, Elena Schmidt, has been appointed as interim Executive Director by the RSB Board of Directors.

Elena Schmidt joined the RSB in 2015 and has served as the RSB Standards Director since that time. Prior to joining the RSB, she was Head of the TÜV SÜD Certification Body for Climate and Energy. Elena has extensive experience with sustainability programmes and a strong record of delivering product and business model innovations.

I am sincerely delighted that Elena has agreed to step in during this period”, stated Laurel Harmon, Vice Chair of the RSB Board of Directors. “Elena’s experience within RSB and engagement with the stakeholder community, together with her leadership skills, will ensure the organisation continues to build upon its core strengths as a roundtable.”

Elena Schmidt reaffirmed her commitment as interim Executive Director to ensuring RSB can deliver on its mission to ensure a just transition to a net positive world: “I am humbled by the Board’s trust. The need for a truly robust and credible approach to sustainability in the bio-based and circular economy has never been clearer. I look forward to working with RSB’s committed team and board and all of our stakeholders to lead RSB to continue delivering real benefits for people and the environment around the world.”

For more information about this transition at RSB, please reach out to RSB’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Hannah Walker ([email protected]) who can assist you.

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