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RSB Japan FIT Certification for Asia Pac Biomass Trading Limited

Asia Pac Biomass Trading Ltd (AsiaPac), a trader of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) Biomass based out of Hong Kong has achieved RSB Certification against the RSB Japan FIT standard. PKS is a palm oil residue waste product that is used to replace fossil fuels such as coal in the generation of electricity, contributing to reduced carbon emissions in the energy industry. The company sources and procures PKS waste from mills in Malaysia and Indonesia, which it supplies to power producers in Japan.

AsiaPac’s RSB certification demonstrates commitment to procuring feedstocks and services that ensure that materials are sourced from legal and well-managed sources. RSB has adapted its best-in-class sustainability standard to enable biomass producers and traders to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability requirements of RSB and to unlock access to Japan’s Feed in Tarif (FIT) system. FIT sets out a system of incentives for the production of renewable electricity in Japan which includes subsidies for the procurement of biomass which includes vegetable oils as well as various agricultural and industrial residues and end-of-life products. RSB’s approach is recognised by Japan’s Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The RSB Japan FIT standard requires compliance with the RSB’s 12 Principles at the point of origin of the PKS and by doing so, AsiaPac is making sure that it sources from reputable origins that do not contribute to deforestation or biodiversity loss.

View Asia Pac Biomass TradingRSB Certificate and Audit Summary Report.

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