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Watch Now: RSB Webinar on New Sustainable Solutions for the Aviation Industry

This RSB webinar is aimed at equipping the aviation supply chain with the most cutting-edge solutions to ensure credible sustainability for the industry – that contributes to the sector’s decarbonisation goals and that your customer can trust.

Learn about RSB’s latest innovations, designed to reduce GHG emissions and unlock access to our best-in-class sustainability certification. With new projects, approaches and certification solutions available now, this webinar is an excellent opportunity to explore these brand-new opportunities together.

You can download the slides here.

What you can expect:

  • A deep dive into the certification requirements of the RSB CORSIA Standard with RSB’s Certification Manager and team, including:
    • Sustainability requirements
    • Chain of custody
    • GHG requirements
    • Claims
  • An update on RSB’s Book & Claim approach to drive global Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) demand
  • An introduction to the ground-breaking EcoTransport Programme and its benefits for corporate customer
  • RSB’s role and why NGOs globally support our approach
  • Announcing exciting new initiatives to drive aviation transformation and recovery


  • Pedro Piris-Cabezas — Director for Sustainable International Transport and Lead Senior Economist, Climate Program, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
  • Elena Schmidt — Executive Director, RSB
  • Aurea Nardelli — Certification Manager, RSB
  • Carolina Grassi — Business Development Lead (LATAM), RSB
  • George Deslandes — Certification Officer, RSB

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