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RSB Welcomes New Directors to the RSB Board

RSB’s Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of the RSB and board members provide key insight, expertise and leadership to the organisation as it continues to grow, enters new markets and creates impact globally. Representing the five chambers of the RSB’s multi-stakeholder membership community, RSB’s board members bring a diverse wealth of experience and a broad range of skills to the organisation.

Members of the RSB Board are elected for two year terms, and can serve two terms consecutively – meaning that regular elections within RSB’s chambers enable new members of the RSB community to put themselves forward for one of these key leadership roles.

With several board members having reached the conclusion of their terms, new elections have been conducted at RSB to select new Directors to take up these important roles.

Elena Schmidt, RSB’s interim Executive Director is pleased to welcome Valentina Vecchio of Boeing (Chamber 2), Leonardo Rosario of Trowel Development Foundation (Chamber 3) and Andrew Pozniak of Green Aviation International (Chamber 5) to the RSB Board of Directors. These new members join the existing expertise of Board Chair, Maiju Helin of Neste, Vice Chair Laurel Harmon of LanzaTech (Chamber 1) and Jayant Sarnaik of AERF India (Chamber 4).

At the same time, the entire RSB team and broader community is hugely grateful for the leadership and input of our outgoing board members, Robert Boyd of IATA who served as Treasurer (Chamber 2) and Bing Xu of Heriot-Watt University (Chamber 5), who have contributed significantly to RSB’s growth and success during their time on the Board of Directors.

“I am delighted to welcome Andrew, Leonardo and Valentina to the RSB Board of Directors. I strongly believe that the collaboration represented by RSB’s members provides vital support in the ongoing transformation to a bio-based and circular economy, based on the principles of sustainability developed by RSB. On behalf of the RSB Board, I am pleased to welcome these new faces to the Board and look forward to working with them to support and enrich RSB in the years ahead. I would also like to thank Robert Boyd and Bing Xu for their dedication to RSB, as well as Arturo Barrit (Chamber 3), who left the board earlier this year. During their tenures on the Board – and as members of the broader RSB community – they have brought energy and experience that has made RSB a stronger organisation.” – Maiju Helin, Chair of the RSB Board of Directors (Neste)

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