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Nicola Noponen Appointed as RSB Standards Director

RSB’s interim Executive Director, Elena Schmidt, is pleased to announce that Nicola Noponen has been appointed as the RSB Standards Director. Nicola has been a key member of RSB’s technical staff since November 2018 and has been closely involved in Standard Development work since then.

As lead for the Chemicals & Polymers sector, a role which she will retain, Nicola has an extremely strong foundation in RSB’s Advanced Products Standard. She also led the submission of RSB Standards documents for recognition under the EU RED II, bringing excellent experience in Standards development for fuels, to the role.

Welcoming Nicola into her new role, Elena Schmidt said: “Having worked closely with Nicola since she joined RSB and watched her develop such an in-depth understanding of the RSB Standard and how it is applied across different markets and sectors, I am delighted to see her take on this new role. Our standards are the heart of the RSB and the very foundations of our reputation as a global leader in the sustainable bio-based and circular economy — and I am confident that Nicola will provide the experienced and safe hands to ensure the RSB Standard continues to be recognised as the very best-in-class. She is a truly invaluable member of the RSB Secretariat, and I know our entire team are thrilled to see her take on this new position.”

Prior to joining RSB, Nicola worked for ten years as a consultant on supply chain sustainability specialising in the climate impacts of land-use systems, including field work and technical analyses in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Turkey and Zambia. She also spent a year working with indigenous communities in Guyana’s hinterland on sustainable agroforestry and skills training, and it is the connection with people and nature that drives Nicola to ensure that RSB’s standards function as a mechanism to create positive impacts for all.

Nicola has this to say about her appointment, “I am honoured and excited to be taking on the role of RSB Standards Director, continuing the amazing work that Elena Schmidt has led for the past 6 years. With the collaborative multi-stakeholder approach that we have to standards development, I am looking forward to engaging with our membership to ensure that RSB standards continue to evolve as the springboard for more sustainable global economies.”

The entire RSB Membership is delighted to congratulate Nicola on this well-deserved appointment!

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