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First in the world: SAF supplier SkyNRG receives RSB CORSIA certification

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) pioneer SkyNRG announced today that they are the first in the world to receive a RSB CORSIA certification. This announcement marks another milestone in the history of SAF certification.

This CORSIA certification enables SkyNRG to supply airlines with CORSIA eligible SAF with both RSB EU RED and RSB CORSIA claims. It allows airline customers to count these towards their carbon reduction targets, enabling them to reduce their reliance on carbon offset credits to meet their CORSIA and other targets on direct emissions reductions. CORSIA, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, is a carbon offset and carbon reduction scheme to lower CO2 emissions for international flights to curb the aviation impact on climate change. CORSIA is an initiative of ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization.

In 2013, SkyNRG became the first company in the aviation sector to achieve RSB certification, the “gold standard” of voluntary certification schemes. This paved the way for aviation to fly on RSB certified sustainable aviation fuels. Today, SkyNRG is proud to announce that it is the first company in the world to receive the CORSIA certification, under the RSB CORSIA standard.

SkyNRG is ambitious to expand this certification to cover SAF production in the next few years, having committed to achieving RSB certification of the SAF for its production facility from waste and residue streams in, the Netherlands. This commitment will soon enable airlines to purchase fuel that has its sustainability and positive climate impact verified right up to the delivery point.

“RSB has been working closely with SkyNRG for years and we are constantly impressed by their dedication and commitment to ensuring real sustainability in the aviation industry — so we are proud, but unsurprised, to see that they are the very first to take the step of achieving RSB CORSIA certification to supply RSB and CORSIA certified SAF globally. We look forward to seeing their DSL-01 plant come online with RSB certification soon, enabling airlines to purchase truly sustainable SAF that supports the decarbonisation ambition of the sector.” says Arianna Baldo, Lead: Aviation, RSB.

SkyNRG’s CEO Maarten van Dijk notes: “We are proud to be the first to receive the RSB CORSIA certification, which shows our continued commitment to the most ambitious standard-setting organization in the industry. When it comes to sustainability and transparency of the fuels that we supply, SkyNRG is ready to keep setting the bar, also for CORSIA-certified SAF”. 

RSB CORSIA certification is a certification that “specifies requirements for operators along the supply chain to produce SAF that is eligible under CORSIA and complies with RSB’s sustainability requirements”. Certified operators can make substantial claims on GHG reduction, and other important sustainability aspects indirectly related to SAF production, such as food security and environmental protection. This approach further supports the decarbonisation of the aviation industry.

This certification is another important step towards accelerating the aviation industry’s efforts to become a climate-neutral sector. By receiving this CORSIA certification, SkyNRG is prepared to meet the demand for CORSIA eligible SAF, further encouraging the use of sustainable aviation fuel as the truly sustainable way of meeting airline’s reduction targets set by CORSIA.

View SkyNRG’s RSB Certificate and Audit Summary Report.

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About SkyNRG

SkyNRG is a pioneer and global leader in sustainable aviation fuel with the industry’s most extensive dedicated SAF team. We aim to replace fossil kerosene with SAFs, driven by sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. Always following a technology-agnostic approach focus on analyzing, developing, and executing SAF production projects by creating investment-grade business cases. -e.g., our own dedicated SAF production plant, DSL-01.

We source, produce, blend, and distribute SAF. We guarantee sustainability throughout the supply chain, and develop customer programs -e.g., the Board Now program, to help co-fund the price gap over conventional jet fuel. Simultaneously, these programs offer organizations a practical solution to curtail carbon emissions from their business air travel or air cargo.

To ensure we make the right decisions regarding the sustainability of our operations, projects, and products, SkyNRG is structurally advised by an independent Sustainability Board, including WWF International, the European Climate Foundation, Solidaridad Network, and the University of Groningen representatives. SkyNRG’s operations are also certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), the highest possible certification standard for sustainability.

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About RSB

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is an international, multi-stakeholder, independent organisation that supports the development of the global bioeconomy through sustainability solutions, certification, innovation and collaborative partnerships.

With credible solutions, global expertise, partners across the spectrum from government to industry and NGOs, and an extremely robust approach to sustainability, RSB is the partner of choice for the bioeconomy as it seeks to combat climate change while also ensuring social development and environmental protection.

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