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Nuseed Carinata: Restoring the Earth through regenerative agriculture

For the people who grow Nuseed Carinata as a cover crop the benefit comes from improved soil health and reduced erosion – and a new income for agricultural communities. What’s more, the crop’s significant biomass and deep roots efficiently remove greenhouse gases from the air, sequestering it into the soil.

At harvest time only a small seed is removed while the carinata plant remains in the field to suppress weeds and retain moisture for the next food crop.  That small seed is then transported to an oil seed crushing plant which produces both oil for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and diesel to power cars, ships and more, as well as a high protein, non-GMO meal for animal feed.

Innovations like those being driven by Nuseed and its Carinata crops are available to deliverable real impact right now. Using earth’s natural and renewable resources Nuseed is having a real impact on the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, as well as on environment and society.

But we must make sure that the way we use precious renewable resources doesn’t lead to unintended consequences – like deforestation, water pollution, food insecurity or even increased greenhouse gas emissions.

This is why Nuseed has committed to demonstrating the highest levels of social and environmental sustainability, via RSB certification. Carrying an RSB certificate means that Nussed has demonstrated compliance with the rigorous requirements of RSB’s 12 principles and criteria for sustainability. Created by a multi-stakeholder community to support solutions to the climate crisis that also protect ecosystems, ensure clean water, guarantee human rights, support food security and contribute to the sustainable development goals. RSB certification is used by leading companies producing fuels, chemicals, plastics, textiles and more to demonstrate that their commitment to sustainability is helping, and not hurting, our planet.

As we mark Earth Day in 2021 and look for urgent action to tackle climate change and Restore Our Earth, we are looking to solutions that already exist; that are tried and tested; and proven to bring measurable positive impacts; and that can support livelihoods around the world. We are excited to share the story of Nuseed Carinata and its amazing impacts to inspire and encourage meaningful action now.

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