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Past Consultation: RSB Standard Version 2.0

In November 2009, the RSB Steering Board approved Version One of the RSB Principles & Criteria (P&Cs) and the Certification System for pilot testing after public regional outreaches and extensive consultation of the RSB Chambers.

While the P&Cs describe the sustainability requirements that biofuel operators have to comply with the Certification System defines the rules to enable operators to make verifiable claims of compliance with the RSB. This system covers the entire biofuel supply chain and establishes mechanisms for chain of custody management, for claims and communications, and for a few other issues. The RSB Standard system includes additional documents, such as indicators, guidance and guidelines that provide operators and auditors direction during implementation of the standards.

Since the beginning of 2010, the RSB Standard is being field tested through several pilot projects in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. As decided by the Steering Board in November 2009, the feedback coming from these projects was used to revise and improve the RSB Standard (Version 1.1).Version 1.1 focuses on removing duplications of requirements and resolving contradictions between requirements.

Where pilot projects revealed opportunities for clarification, the Secretariat developed appropriate rewording. It also includes new wording for Principle 3, which reflects the consensus achieved by the Steering Board on Greenhouse gas calculation and threshold.

A one-month public consultation on Version 1.1 was conducted between the 8th of September and the 8th of October 2010. Participants were invited to submit their remarks and suggestions on the Principles & Criteria and associated Guidance by email and on the Bioenergy Wiki As established in the rules of the consultation, all comments are publicly available.

Almost 200 comments and suggestions were received from more than 35 organisations!

In the downloads section alongside this is the summary of changes from Version One to Version 2, including synopsis of the public consultation on Version 1.1,  the background documents for the consultation and the compilation of comments received.

Summary of Changes from Version One to Version 2 + synopsis of consultation on Version 1.1

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