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Hans Lautrup Chemicals A/S receives RSB Global Certification

Danish chemical company Hans Lautrup Chemicals A/S has achieved RSB Certification as a trader for the purchase and sale of sustainable RSB certified Polypropylene and Polyethylene products. The company is a leading Scandinavian distributor of polymers and has a presence in markets in Eastern and Southern Europe too. 

With the achievement of RSB’s sustainability standard the company is working hard to meet its vision to provide continuous improvement and deliver high quality products while demonstrating high levels of social and environmental sustainability. Companies purchasing products from Hans Lautrup Chemicals can be certain of their robust, verified sustainability practices and the company’s commitment to passing real, verifiable positive impacts on to their clients. 

Commenting on the certification, RSB’s Executive Director said, “This certification is yet another step in the journey of the chemicals sector towards a truly sustainable transformation. Growing the supply of sustainable polymers means that more and more end products on shelves can benefit from the power of an RSB label highlighting its positive impacts on society and environment. I congratulate Hans Lautrup on their new certification, which demonstrates their meaningful commitment to real sustainability.” 

View Hans Lautrup Chemicals’s RSB Certificate and Audit Summary Report.

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