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RSB Recognises the naturemade star certification for Biomethane Feedstock in RSB certified Advanced Products

Easing the entry of certified biomethane into RSB supply chains, we are pleased to announce that following an in-depth benchmarking process, RSB is now able to accept biomethane certified with the Swiss quality seal naturemade star. By recognising other systems – when they can demonstrate that they are equivalent to RSB’s robust sustainability and traceability requirements via a detailed benchmarking and gap analysis process – RSB is making certification simpler for whole supply chains and supporting industry to unlock access to real sustainability.

In order to accept naturemade star certified biomethane into the RSB system, an assessment of how well the naturemade star standard is aligned with the RSB Global Standard for the certification of Advanced Products (non-energy products) was conducted. This benchmarking process found that the sustainability risks associated with the specifics of this supply chain (biomethane from end-of-life products and residual materials) are adequately addressed in the naturemade star system.

Recognising other systems helps make certification more accessible for all producers and simplifies sustainability across supply chains. RSB works to ensure that any system we recognise adequately addresses our extremely robust sustainability requirements – so that users can be confident in our system. Working with naturemade will help to unlock new supply chains and opportunities for industries looking to make sustainable sourcing a top priority,” remarks Elena Schmidt, RSB’s Standards Director.

This collaboration between RSB and Swiss label naturemade offers a boost for operators using biomethane and looking to source feedstock that can fit the robust requirements of RSB’s most trusted and credible sustainability standard. It removes potential barriers to the uptake of biomethane into sustainable supply chains, improving market access for all operators.

We are delighted about the recognition of naturemade star certified biomethane within the RSB system. It is an important step towards making the purchase of naturemade certified feedstocks attractive for international corporate customers,” says Valentin Graf, responsible for biomass within the naturemade quality label.


About RSB

RSB is the world’s most trusted, valued and peer-reviewed standard for the sustainable bio-based economy. It is one of the European Commission’s approved voluntary schemes used to show compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive’s sustainability criteria. RSB’s is the first standard to develop a credible approach for the use of production waste and residues – including from non-biogenic sources – for fuels and products.

The RSB Standard has been developed and approved by its many stakeholders, including social and environmental NGOs, UN agencies, academia and industry, ensuring it is a uniquely practical and credible approach for building a sustainable economy.


About naturemade star

The Swiss quality seal naturemade star is awarded for renewable energy that is produced in compliance with stringent environmental requirements. It can be awarded for biogas, electricity and heat. Plants are comprehensively assessed prior to receiving the quality seal (global life cycle assessments with stringent limits and local/regional criteria for additional nature and climate protection), and they are subsequently reviewed by independent auditors on an annual basis. The quality seal is sponsored by VUE Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (Verein für umweltgerechte Energie), a broadly based association of representatives from environmental and consumer organisations, large energy consumers, energy producers, energy suppliers and renewable energy associations.

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