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RSB Hosts Aviation Leaders at the IATA Alternative Fuels Symposium

We need alternative fuel produced using the right localised feedstock based on RSB Principles” – Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, Lanzatech

On November 14th we hosted a lunch for aviation leaders at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Alternative Fuels Symposium. In a year where industry leaders have focused on readying themselves to translate their sustainability commitments into action while navigating the ever-complex challenges facing a growing industry in a climate uncertain future, this relaxed session provided an introduction to RSB and shared details on some of the most exciting innovations RSB leaders are driving globally, as well as what collaborations and new ideas are being forged.

RSB was proud to bring so many leaders in the aviation industry together to look at the path forwards as sustainability takes flight. Embedding RSB Principles from Day 1 supports producers, suppliers and end-users ensure that their commitments to alternative fuels are grounded in unparalleled social & environmental sustainability.

Special thanks go to Jennifer Holmgren of LanzaTech for the brilliant introduction, ClimateWorks Foundation for making the event possible and our own Stephen Wetmore who played host to our partners from around the world in New Orleans!

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