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SkyNRG and KLM announce commitment to RSB Certification at new Dutch plant

Today in Amsterdam, SkyNRG and KLM announced the first European alternative aviation fuel plant. To be built by SkyNRG, KLM  has made a commitment to purchase 75, 000 tons of fuel per year over 10 years. With the plant due to be operational in 2022, the announcement was coupled with a commitment to achieve RSB certification for the facility – cementing its social and environmental credentials with the world’s most trusted sustainability standard for the circular and bio-based economy.

The fuel produced at the DSL-01 facility will boast a CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 85% and has been assessed by RSB in its planning phase to ensure it is in a good position to comply with RSB’s best-in-class sustainability standard. The development of the plant is great news for travellers everywhere looking for leadership from airlines and fuel suppliers as they seek ways to fly more sustainably. A plant on this scale, using primarily waste and residue feedstock, producing extremely low carbon fuel for a major airline demonstrates what can be achieved when one merges sustainability criteria and new technologies.

RSB-certified alternative aviation fuels, adhering to a holistic approach to a broad range of risks, are ensuring real sustainability and lasting solutions for decarbonising the aviation industry – whilst addressing any possible social and environmental challenges. Commitment to producing and sourcing RSB-compliant fuels shows the world that SkyNRG and KLM are aiming for the very highest levels of sustainability while creating enormous positive climate impacts through significant greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Rolf Hogan, Executive Director of RSB: “We are pleased and proud that KLM and SkyNRG are committed to RSB certification of the sustainable aviation fuel. Our standards are globally considered to be the best in class. Our 12 comprehensive principles include greenhouse gas emissions, human and labour rights, practices to maintain soil health and water use, food security, and rural and social development. None of the other standards use such a broad range of criteria.”

Maarten van Dijk, Executive Director of SkyNRG: “We are very proud to announce this project today and that we will be realising it in the Netherlands together with such strong partners. For us and our partners, this project is an important milestone in further upscaling the market for sustainable aviation fuel and RSB certification is key to demonstrating our commitment to the highest levels of environmental and social sustainability. We are the first to take a step on this scale and we hope it will serve as an example to the rest of the industry in the transition towards a sustainable future for commercial aviation.”

About RSB

RSB is the world’s most trusted, valued and peer-reviewed standard for the sustainable bio-based economy. It is one of the European Commission’s approved voluntary schemes used to show compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive’s sustainability criteria. RSB’s is the first standard to develop a credible approach for the use of production waste and residues – including from non-biogenic sources – for fuels and products.

The RSB standard has been developed and approved by its many stakeholders, including social and environmental NGOs, UN agencies, academia and industry, ensuring it is a uniquely practical and credible approach for building a sustainable economy.


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