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Tasma Bioenergy achieves first RSB Certification in Indonesia

Tasma Bioenergy, a biomass energy company, recently attained certification to RSB’s most robust sustainability standard – becoming the first company in Indonesia to demonstrate the high levels of social and environmental sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reductions required by RSB.

With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, Tasma Bioenergy sought to demonstrate their commitment using the most credible approach to sustainability in the bioeconomy available – RSB. Applying RSB’s groundbreaking Standard for Advanced Fuels – which enables the certification of production residues by defining an approach for the specific sustainability risks and traceability factors at play – to their production of steam energy from agricultural and industrial waste materials, enables Tasma Bioenergy to assure their customers that they are selling truly sustainable energy for other industrial processes.

Harshad Bhat, Vice President at Tasma Bioenergy explained, “Sustainability is inherent to our business model and the right thing to do. RSB offers Tasma a great platform to foster customer trust by verifying our commitment to sustainable operations.”

Companies procuring energy from Tasma Bioenergy can be certain of their robust, verified sustainability practices and real greenhouse gas savings. Passing this sustainable best practice on to their clients, Tasma is providing an excellent solution for industrial processors looking to demonstrate sustainability in their supply chain. In a typical project Tasma can produce Greenhouse Gas emission reductions of approximately 90% for its clients.

“We are thrilled to issue this new certification to Tasma Bioenergy in Indonesia – who are demonstrating that with the right leadership the bioeconomy in that region can thrive sustainably. By producing energy for other industrial operators, Tasma is helping to build more sustainable supply chains across the region and we look forward to seeing their business continue to thrive!” said Rolf Hogan, Executive Director of RSB.

RSB is the world’s most trusted, valued and peer-reviewed standards for the sustainable economy. It is one of the European Commission’s approved voluntary schemes used to show compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive’s sustainability criteria. RSB’s is the first standard to develop a credible approach for the use of production waste and residues – including from non-biogenic sources – for fuels and products. The RSB standard has been developed and approved by its many stakeholders, including social and environmental NGOs, UN agencies, academia and industry, ensuring it is a uniquely practical and credible approach for building a sustainable economy.


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