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RSB welcomes Heriot Watt University as a new member

LCJF - Low Carbon Jet Fuel

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) would like to extend a very warm welcome to the latest member to join our global and multi-disciplinary platform. Edinburgh’s Heriot Watt University, represented by the Low Carbon Jet Fuel project of the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions (RCCS), has become the latest academic institution to join RSB and showcase their leadership in the development of a sustainable bioeconomy.

The RCCS is an interdisciplinary world leading engineering centre, inspiring and delivering innovation that has identified the development of sustainable jet fuels as key to decarbonising the aviation industry. Their Low Carbon Jet Fuel project aims to produce aviation biofuels from waste agricultural and forestry biomass and captured CO2. By joining RSB, the research centre will be bringing technical expertise to the table as well as accessing the many stakeholders within our membership to build the collaborations and partnerships that will enable the project to take off.

The project’s approach is highly integrated and involves both engineering (top-down) and chemistry (bottom-up) to produce the most effective and efficient biofuels to support a carbon negative aviation industry. By choosing to work with the RSB, the project is ensuring that they are part of a solution that recognises that sustainability goes beyond greenhouse gas emissions. RSB’s uniquely robust approach to sustainability considers a whole range of social and environmental impacts and the university’s commitment in joining us will support them in developing a truly sustainable vision for the aviation industry.

Rolf Hogan, RSB’s Executive Director has this to say, “With their bold vision, expertise and integrated approach to developing aviation biofuels we believe that Heriot Watt will be a valuable addition to our community. Fostering collaboration between stakeholders across the bioeconomy is a vital part of what we do – and this is reflected in the incredible outcomes that have been achieved in developing our Standard as well as the achievements of our members.”

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