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Recently Certified Operators Welcomed to the RSB

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc.

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. (Canada) manages the production, storage and distribution of Carinata seeds in the US from farms in Alabama and Florida (including 13 independent farms) and a total planted area of 828.62 hectares. Carinata is a new oil crop being developed by Agrisoma that will be used for biofuel production. There are advantages in terms of sustainability relating to GHG emissions, soil conservation and land use as it is planted in a crop rotation system.

The certification helps mitigate business risk and reputational risk in biomaterial production. Agrisoma representative Mejda Lortjie had this to say about their certification:

“At Agrisoma we are developing Carinata as a crop solution for the global renewable fuels industry. Our work with the RSB has been critical to documenting and certifying our supply chains to the highest standard of sustainability. The RSB has fostered an incredible dialogue with the renewable fuels industry, from regulators through to customers, and we benefit from that interaction in having our crops certified by the RSB.”

Philips 66

In December 2016, Philips 66 (an international, integrated energy company) earned RSB certification for its office located in London and for the Humber refinery, located in North Lincolnshire, UK. The Humber Refinery has been one of Phillips 66’s key assets since the late 1960s, is one of the most complex refineries in the Phillips 66 portfolio and one of the most sophisticated in Europe.

The RSB scope is the production of biofuel from waste and residues (basically UCO – Used Cooking Oil). Philips 66 is certified against RSB EU standard, which is recognised by the EU RED.

Contact person at Philips 66: Samuel Payne

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