Advisory Services

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Putting the RSB Standard into Action

RSB is now offering a range of advisory services to support businesses, investors, development agencies, NGOs, and governments in applying the RSB standard to their operations, projects and policy development. Through technical and strategic advice, hands-on implementation, staff training and research, we offer the following services:

1. Preparation for RSB Certification: We can help you understand and apply the RSB standard to your operations and help you prepare for certification via advice, staff training, and support with specific aspects of the standard.

2. Reducing Risk for Investors: The RSB standard can help reduce social and environmental risks and RSB has developed an approach to integrate the standard into project development. We can also help investors integrate the RSB standard into their due diligence processes.

3. Understanding Sustainability of New Technology / Pilot Projects: RSB can help you understand the sustainability aspects of your project, or technology and guide you in factoring these into plans for scaling-up and replication thus facilitating RSB certification.

4. Stakeholder Consultation: A unique aspect of the RSB standard is its approach to engaging and working with stakeholders. We can help you prepare a well-implemented stakeholder consultation to build support for your operations and reduce the risk of adverse impacts.

5. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculation: RSB staff can support you in carrying out your GHG calculations, or help you use the RSB online calculator.

6. Policy and Regulation Support: We can help you understand the global sustainability principles of the standard and how they can be applied to your national or regional context.

7. Chain of Custody: We can help you implement the management procedures necessary for tracking sustainable material through your facilities, including operating a mass balance system.

For more details, contact us at or download one of the flyers below:

Advisory Services                                                Investors Advisory Services

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