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Our continuously updated list of Proactive and Reactive Guidance documents, including RSB's list of prohibited chemicals.

List of Prohibited Chemicals


PG-2019-01 Implementation of Principles 4 and 12


PG-2019-02 Guidance on Claims for Non-GMO Use in Cultivation


PG-2020-01 Advanced Products Category III fossil feedstock substitution

Reference code: PG-2020-01 Version: 1.0 Date: January 2020 Download

PG-2020-03 Mechanical Operator List

Reference code: PG-2020-03 Date: July 2020 Download

PG-2020-05 Mechanical Operator GHG Exemption

Reference code: PG-2020-05 Download

PG-2020-06 RSB Proactive Guidance on the Roll Out of New RSB Logos and Labels

Reference code: PG-2020-06 Date: October 2020 Download

PG-2021-02 Certification of Group of Points of Origin under RSB Japan FIT certification scope

Reference code: PG-2021-02 Date: February 2021 Download

PG-2021-1 RSB Guidance on Requirements to certify CORSIA eligible fuel

Reference code: PG-2021-1 Version: 1.0 Date: February 2021 Download

RG-2014-01 Guidance on Screening Tool 4b Question 6

Reference code: RG-2014-01 Date: January 2014 Download

RG-2015-01-Updated Guidance on Palm Glycerin


RG-2016-02 Guidance on Forestry Processing Residues


RG-2017-01-End of Life Tyres


RG-2017-02-Surveillance Audit




RG-2017-05 Traceability


RG-2017-06 Forwarding Material


RG-2018-01 RSB Guidance for RSB-STD-11-001-01-010 clause H.1.2.5 on “Mutual recognition in the context of waste / residues derived biofuels under the EU RED”


RG-2019-01 Reactive Guidance on Implementation of Principle 4, Criterion 4e, Minimum requirements


RG-2019-02 Scope Changes


RG-2019-06 Guidance for Advanced Product Claims


RG-2019-07 Guidance on RSB Accreditation Scope


RG-2020-01 Reactive Guidance on EU RED Claims: Outsourcing industrial processes to operators not included in the RSB EU RED certification scope


RG-2020-02 Reactive Guidance on RSB-PRO-70-001: audit schedule changes due to conditions beyond the control of POs and CBs

Reference code: RG-2020-02 Version: 2.2 Date: June 2020 Download

RG-2020-03 Reactive Guidance on the certification of first collectors using end-of-life plastic

Reference code: RG-2020-03 Version: 1.0 Date: March 2020 Download

RG-2020-04 Reactive Guidance on achieving the GHG emission reduction threshold under the RSB Standard for Advanced Products

Reference code: RG-2020-04 Version: 1.0 Date: April 2020 Download

RG-2020-05 RSB Reactive Guidance on Implementation of the RSB Japan FIT Standard

Reference code: RG-2020-05 Version: 3.0 Date: March 2021 Download

RG-2020-06 Reactive Guidance on the Risk Assessment Tool

Reference code: RG-2020-06 Date: August 2020 Download

RG-2022-09 Transfer of RSB Certificates

Reference code: RG-2022-01 Version: 1.1 Date: September 2022 Download