12 Dec

RSB Standard for Advanced Products


RSB Standard for Advanced Products

The Standard for Advanced Products is one of several standards, procedures and guidance documents that are to be used by producers to show their compliance with the RSB Principles & Criteria in order to carry our best-in-class Certification. This Standard is for use by producers of non-energy products. If you are producing fuel, you should refer to the RSB Standard for Advanced Fuels.

The RSB Standard for Advanced Products is an update to our earlier Standard for Bio-Products. The Standard was originally developed in order to enable the sustainable certification of non-energy products. The update to incorporate “Advanced Products” was driven by the increasing use and importance of such product categories –beyond traditional bio-based products to include non-biogenic end of life products and production residues.

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[pdf-embedder url=”https://rsb.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/18-12-11_RSB-STD-02-001-v2.0-RSB-Standard-for-Advanced-Products.pdf” title=”RSB Standard for Advanced Products”]