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Additionality Month: Meeting 4

RSB members are invited to join the RSB Book & Claim Platform to ensure their access to the platform’s upcoming Additionality Month webinar series.


Meeting 3 – 7th June at 6pm CEST

Speakers: Gill Alker (RSB), Azim Bin Norazmi (IATA)

The purpose of these open-discussion meetings is to raise awareness about the crucial element of additionality in book and claim. RSB members are encouraged to bring their questions and comments for these hands-on sessions!

What is ‘additionality’? And what does it mean in the context of book and claim?

RSB’s Book & Claim Manual shares a definition; ‘Additionality as a product or project property refers to the determination of whether an intervention, such as increased demand for a product or the creation of a new project, has an effect (i.e., increased impact) when compared to the baseline (i.e., absence of such demand or project). In the context of book and claim, additionality refers to the capacity of
increased demand for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) or sustainable marine fuels (SMF) unlocked by book & claim to result into increased production and, consequently, into increased fossil fuel displacement, greenhouse gas emission reductions and a positive impact on climate change as well as broader positive sustainability impacts. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol defines additionality as a criterion for assessing whether a project has resulted in greenhouse gas emission reductions or removals in addition to what would have occurred in the project’s absence.’

If you have any questions related to the event, please contact the Membership and Events Officer, Aléz Odendaal, at alez.odendaal[@]

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