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RSB’s Book & Claim Recognition Procedure paves the way for an ecosystem of registries

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is proud to announce the formal approval of its Book & Claim Recognition Procedure by the RSB Board of Directors. This is a significant milestone, representing a major step forward in advancing sustainability within hard-to-abate sectors, such as aviation and maritime transport, by enabling an ecosystem approach to the growing number of independent book and claim registries. 

The RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure aims to ensure consistency and credibility within the growing ecosystem of book and claim solutions. By achieving an ‘RSB recognition’, independent registries will be able to demonstrate to their clients and customers that they operate in accordance with the best practices developed over many years within RSB’s multi-stakeholder process.  

The RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure promotes an ecosystem approach to the growing market of independent registries offering book and claim transactions in the hard-to-abate sectors. The procedure ensures that recognised registries adhere to common principles of sustainability, information-collection, robust chain-of-custody, additionality, and avoidance of double counting such as double issuance, double use or double claiming. Key elements of the procedure include guidance on compliance with public information requirements, data integrity and the recognition process. 

Recognising the critical role of alternative fuels in decarbonising transportation, this procedure offers a robust and transparent mechanism to ensure the credibility and integrity of claims related to the use of these fuels. 

Key aims of the framework include: 

  • Building consumer trust: By establishing a common understanding and harmonised systems, the procedure enhances consumer and stakeholder confidence in book and claim as a solution. This trust is essential for driving widespread adoption and market acceptance. 
  • Consistent ecosystem of registries: The procedure fosters collaboration among registry operators, fuel suppliers, transport service providers and end-users, creating a cohesive ecosystem that promotes transparency and credibility. This is crucial for preventing fragmentation and inconsistent practices from undermining the reputation and effectiveness of book and claim as a chain of custody tool. 
  • Credible and verifiable approaches: Leveraging RSB’s expertise and years of robust multi-stakeholder consultation, the procedure applies the same credible and verifiable approaches that have been the hallmark of RSB’s sustainability standards. This ensures that claims are based on robust evidence and adhere to rigorous verification processes. 

“I am thrilled to announce the formal approval and publication of the RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure, which marks a pivotal step towards advancing credible and harmonised book and claim solutions. Together, with our multi-stakeholder community, we are cultivating a transparent book and claim ecosystem that is based on common rules and thus enhances trust, promotes credible decarbonisation solutions, and propels us forward on our mission to drive impactful change.” – Elena Schmidt, RSB Executive Director. 

The approval of the RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure by the RSB Board of Directors represents the culmination of a long process of multi-stakeholder consultation involving registry operators and stakeholders from various sectors. This collaborative effort lays the groundwork for potential future interoperability within the book and claim ecosystem, establishing the recognition process as a key component in promoting sustainable practices in registry operations. While this milestone is significant, it is merely the latest important step in an ongoing journey towards scaling credible decarbonisation solutions.      


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