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Come work with us: Coordinate the revision of the biofuel development strategy of Ethiopia


RSB is looking for a consultant and/or a consortium of consultants and interested parties to conduct a revision of the biofuel development strategy of Ethiopia in close collaboration with Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy.

The objective of the Project is to update the existing Biofuel Development and Utilization Strategy of Ethiopia (2007) and validate with the national stakeholder group. The revision should articulate a clear long-term vision for sustainable biofuel development and formulate a strategic intention to achieve the objectives of modern biofuel access, energy security, improved biofuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability. The Strategy should ensure a rational and implementable approach to the management of Ethiopia’s biofuel resources through a combination of measures designed to improve the sustainability of biofuel production/conversion and end use efficiencies as well as promote suitable alternatives.

The consultant/consortium shall demonstrate the following:

  • Experience in developing similar strategies in biofuel production and processing for investments in Africa.
  • Experience in working in renewable energy, biofuels, agricultural, bioenergy sectors.
  • Strong research, report-writing, analysis, facilitation and communication skills.
  • Experience working in multicultural environment and willingness to work in a local and international consortium of consultants.
  • Excellent English writing skills.
  • Experience in developing biofuel or bioenergy country strategies in countries in similar economies outside Africa. Preferred, not required.
  • Collaboration with an international consultant that is expert in biofuel and renewable energy development, market and technologies. Preferred, not required.

To review the scope of work, deliverables, timelines and other requirements, please read the terms of reference below.

Terms of Reference: Coordinate the revision of the biofuel development strategy of Ethiopia.


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