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Members invited to participate in RSB Book & Claim manual v3.0 consultation

RSB invites members to participate in the stakeholder consultation on the updated RSB Book & Claim Manual (v3.0).

The consultation runs until Monday 19 September 2022, and will support the RSB in consolidating the approach around issues such as additionality and carbon-related claims.

If you are a RSB member and haven’t received the documentation via email, please contact [email protected].


Figure 1: RSB members are invited to participate in the stakeholder consultation on the updated version of the RSB Book & Claim Manual (v3.0).


About the RSB Book & Claim System 

‘Book and claim’ is a chain of custody model that allows an organisation to ‘de-couple’ specific attributes from a physical product, such as the environmental benefits, and to transfer these attributes separately via a dedicated registry in the form of a ‘Book & Claim Unit’.

The RSB Book & Claim System aims to accelerate decarbonisation efforts across sectors, and to promote the production and use of sustainably certified fuels and materials. The system is currently focusing on the hard-to-abate sectors of aviation and shipping, and aims to address the key challenges of cost, given that sustainable aviation and marine fuels are still considerably more expensive than fossil fuels, and the limited amount of supply sites vis-à-vis growing global interest and demand.

Examples of opportunities that are unlocked by the RSB Book & Claim System:

  • An airline without physical connection to SAF supply can purchase and claim the environmental attributes of SAF
  • Corporate customers can purchase SAF and claim the environmental benefits (i.e. GHG reductions) to reduce their aviation business travel emissions
  • Airlines with and without physical access to SAF can already operate 100% SAF flights (up to 50% physically via ‘mass balance’¹ + remaining share virtually via ‘book and claim’).

The RSB Book & Claim System consists of:

  • RSB Book & Claim Manual a procedure describing the rules which allow a company to register, transfer and retire credits in the RSB Book and Claim System.
  • RSB Book & Claim Registry a system to store ‘book and claim’ transaction data.

The system aims to ensure that for each claim made on a ‘book and claim’ basis, products with the same specified characteristics have been produced and double claiming of the environmental benefit of those products is avoided at all times. Ultimately, no matter where the product is purchased and used via ‘book and claim’, the net environmental effect is the same.

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What’s next? 

Stakeholder feedback will be analysed by the RSB team and a final version of the RSB Book & Claim Manual (v3.0) will be circulated to the RSB Assembly of Delegates in October 2022 for review. We expect the manual to be approved by RSB’s Board of Directors during the RSB Annual Conference on 1 December 2022 and published shortly thereafter. 


¹ Whilst 100% SAF flights are being tested and will soon be a reality, today SAF is approved to use in all aircraft in blends of up to 50% with conventional jet fuel.


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