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RSB EU RED recognised under RED II

The EC Committee on the Sustainability of Biofuels, Bioliquids and Biomass Fuels voted on 3rd February 2022 to approve RSB’s EU RED Standard under the recast RED II regulations. The European Commission will now formally adopt and publish this recognition decision, with this expected to take place by the end of March 2022. More updates on the RED II recognition process are available on the commission website.


RSB has been recognised by the European Commission for EU RED certification since July 2011. Certification to the RSB EU RED Standard enables operators to access EU markets and demonstrate compliance with RSB’s best-in-class sustainability requirements – which go beyond those mandated by the EU and are widely recognised as the most robust approach for the bio-based and circular economy.

EU RED II includes new sustainability requirements and be extended to cover biomass for heating and cooling and power generation (having previously covered only liquid fuels), which are already included within the scope of RSB’s approach to the full bioeconomy.

Recognition of RSB

In addition to being recognised by the European Commission for EU RED certification since 2011, with all current requirements for upcoming recognition for EU RED II fulfilled, RSB has achieved regulatory recognition for its Standard elsewhere.

  1. RSB is officially recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for the certification of CORSIA-eligible Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) with its new RSB CORSIA Standard.
  2. RSB’s Japan FIT Standard is recognised by Japan’s Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to unlock access to Japan’s Feed in Tarif (FIT) system for the production of renewable electricity. 

These recognitions enable RSB operators in a variety of contexts to fulfil national or international regulatory requirements while also demonstrating compliance to RSB’s best-in-class approach to sustainability in the bio-based and circular economy.

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