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Past Consultation: RSB Standard for Advanced Products


1st public consultation: Was held from 25 May – 25 July 2017
2nd public consultation: Was held from 10th August – 10th December
1st RSB chamber consultation: Was held in October 2017
Expert consultation: Was held from 26th March – 7th May 2018
2nd RSB chamber consultation : Was held in September 2018
3rd RSB chamber consultation : Was held in November 2018
Approval by Assembly of Delegates: December 2018

The RSB Standard for Advanced Products enables producers of non-energy use products and their intermediates to demonstrate sustainable practices throughout their supply chain.

RSB certified Advanced Products are products that:
-are sustainably produced – processing along the entire supply chain is in line with sustainable practices as described in the RSB Principles & Criteria, and
-mitigate climate change – system greenhouse gas emissions in the defined production are reduced or avoided compared to the fossil reference product, and
-reduce the risk of fossil depletion – the use of fossil resources in the defined production system is reduced compared to the fossil reference product.

The standard review process was fully in line with the ISEAL requirements on standard-setting and includes consultation with the public and RSB members, followed by the approval from the RSB Assembly of Delegates.
The approved Advanced Products Standard can be found here.

Please find a summary of the process here.

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