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Nippon Refine has achieved RSB certification

Japan-based company Nippon Refine Co., Ltd has recently gained certification to the RSB Standard. The company refines ethanol that is produced from captured waste carbon monoxide from industrial steel plants by another RSB-certified operator, LanzaTech.

Nippon Refine facility in Japan

Nippon Refine wants to replace current petroleum-based solvents with bio-based solvents derived from biomass and recycled carbon and in doing so encourage the circular economy through innovation. The company refines ethanol to a variety of grades, making it suitable for applications in personal and homecare products. Achieving certification against the rigorous RSB Standard is supporting the realisation of their sustainability commitments to:

  1. increase the use of bio-based solvents;
  2. expand recycling and environmental protection; and
  3. develop new sustainable technologies and business models through innovation.
Nippon Refine facility in Japan

These commitments are part of their mission of “establishing a society where humankind can sustainably develop”.

Mr. Mitsuhiko Hasegawa, President of Nippon Refine has said that “With the achievement of RSB certification, we are able to demonstrate that our business and the technology we have cultivated over the years is a true leader in the global sustainable transformation. Looking to the future, we are excited by the potential of our newly certified operation to fulfil our social responsibility.

Applauding the new certification, RSB Executive Director, Rolf Hogan, said, “I congratulate Nippon Refine for this significant achievement. Their leadership and commitment in the region will serve to inspire others, as they join an elite group of RSB certified operators globally.”

Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech, said “RSB certification builds trust in the sustainability of products. By taking this step, Nippon Refine is demonstrating social responsibility and true leadership in supporting a circular bioeconomy. We are proud to work with partners like Nippon Refine and RSB in creating a sustainable supply chain.” 

View Nippon Refine’s RSB Certificate and Audit Summary Report.

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Nippon Refine facility in Japan

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