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RSB submits CORSIA Standard for approval

RSB has adapted its best-in-class sustainability standard — recognised as uniquely credible, practical and robust — to incorporate CORSIA requirements in our new RSB CORSIA Standard, which was recently submitted to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for recognition. 

The RSB CORSIA Standard specifies the requirements for operators along the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supply chain to produce CORSIA-eligible SAF. This will enable aviation pioneers to claim GHG reductions under CORSIA and demonstrate that they are on the forefront of driving a sustainable transformation of this vital industry.

SAF — which can deliver significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while requiring no changes to existing aircraft and infrastructure — offer the most effective and immediate solution to an industry looking to decarbonise rapidly. The RSB CORSIA Standard goes above and beyond CORSIA requirements to ensure that SAF achieves at least 50% GHG reductions on its core lifecycle analysis, and a minimum 10% when including CORSIA’s Induced Land Use Change values (ILUC). In addition, RSB-certified SAF enables further claims around zero deforestation, environmental protection, food security and human rights, as indicated in our comprehensive RSB Principles & Criteria which define best practice for sustainability along the supply chain.

Click here to download a slide deck summarising our RSB CORSIA Standard approach, and here for more information about CORSIA.

We expect the RSB CORSIA Standard to be recognised by ICAO by end of 2020, enabling companies globally to apply for RSB CORSIA certification in early 2021.

Learn more about our work in the aviation sector here.

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