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Soleá joins RSB to promote sustainable cultivation of Macaúba

RSB is very pleased to welcome Soleá to its worldwide community of members. Soleá is a Brazilian start up that aims to address global challenges of food, energy and sustainability through the cultivation of Macaúba. The fruit of the Macaúba palm is composed of a shell, pulp, endocarp, and almond – which can be converted into a range of food products, fuels and hydrocarbons, and other biomaterials including chemicals and additives.

Producing a high value product from a highly productive feedstock on degraded land offers a range of potential sustainability benefits and this new partnership between RSB and Soleá will see the development of recommendations and guidelines to advance the cultivation of Macaúba in line with the rigorous sustainability requirements of the RSB Standard. RSB will work closely with Soleá to unlock their data and knowledge to create a comprehensive handbook for the industry in Brazil.

Promoting the sustainable cultivation of Macaúba in Brazil towards commercial viability is a key goal of the Brazilian arm of RSB’s Fuelling the Sustainable Bioeconomy project, powered by The Boeing Company. Welcoming Soleá offers an example of the kind of dynamic partnership available to members who can work with RSB to develop new solutions and approaches for sustainability and global and regional level, as well as work to continue developing RSB’s best-in-class sustainability standard and unlock access to a global community of bioeconomy leaders – from producers to brands and NGOs to civil society organisations.

On welcoming Soleá to the RSB family, Executive Director Rolf Hogan, had this to say, “Macaúba has huge potential in Brazil – and elsewhere – given its high productivity and ability to thrive on degraded land, meaning it can be produced without contributing to deforestation. Of course, ensuring that all potential sustainability risks are addressed requires a credible standard and we’re extremely pleased to be able to work closely with new RSB member, Soleá, to develop a handbook for cultivation – which we believe will encourage the uptake of Macaúba, its sustainable cultivation and global confidence in its environmental and social benefits when certified.”

Echoing this sentiment, Felipe Morbi of Soleá, added, “We are committed to developing a truly sustainable solution for the food, materials and energy that our world needs. Working to ensure that Macaúba is at the forefront of a transition to real sustainability means partnering with organisations like RSB is absolutely vital to understand and manage risks – and unlock opportunity. We look forward to leading the drive to develop Macaúba as a truly sustainable crop for the bioeconomy.”

As an RSB member, Soleá will play an active role in driving the development of our best-in-class sustainability standard to fulfil the needs to the growing and evolving bio-based and circular economy. The input of expert members – from across our broad membership body – provides the vital practicality and credibility which makes RSB the standard of choice for committed sustainability leaders.

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