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RSB’s team in the time of coronavirus: Yitatek K. Yitbarek

RSB’s global team are used to working remotely, but we are all making adjustments to respond to the changing situations we find ourselves in. With team members in 8 countries we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to everyone and let them tell you a bit about what they’re working on and how COVID-19 is affecting their everyday lives.

Yitatek K. Yitbarek, RSB’s Project Manager in Ethiopia:

Africa has been as heavily impacted by COVID-19 as the rest of the world.  However, the continent is highly vulnerable due to the state of ill-equipped health facilities, limited testing capacities, and small numbers of health workers compared to the total population to. Ethiopia, where I’m based, has so far only seen 130 cases and 3 deaths.

The efforts by the government and fellow citizens to provide the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to front line health professionals is encouraging and the media is playing its parts in creating awareness to the general public. Above all, religious institutions are currently hosting televised prayer sessions to comfort and give messages of hope for people who are currently staying at home.

RSB has an “edge” in remote working as we’ve been working from home for a long time! So we continue to engage our clients and partners using technology and tools to cover the big distances between us all. With the aviation industry hit hard by the pandemic and ensuing drop in air traffic, I’m looking forward to supporting the sector towards a ‘green recovery’ – in my region, and around the world!

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