ICAO has launched its 2019 ICAO Environmental Report “Destination Green: The Next Chapter” where you can read about RSB’s leadership in the aviation industry in a section titled: Preparing for Take-Off: RSB and the Role of the Standard in Driving Innovation and Sustainability.

RSB is a nominated technical advisor to the Alternative Fuels Task Force and we work closely with the organisation to support the inclusion of robust and credible sustainability requirements into ICAO policy. As the aviation industry gears up to CORSIA implementation in 2021, RSB continues to work with players across the supply chain to promote the use of truly sustainable alternative aviation fuels, as described in our Standard, while also supporting the CORSIA programme to take flight. Only RSB-certified alternative aviation fuels, adhering to our holistic approach to a broad range of risks, can ensure real sustainability and lasting solutions for decarbonising the aviation industry – without creating other social and environmental challenges.

RSB is already assisting operators to ensure they are ICAO-ready and prepared to lead the development of a cleaner and more responsible industry. Through our comprehensive tools and solutions – including certification, advisory services and a step-wise road to compliance approach – we are enabling actors from across the supply chain to prepare for the new regulations and beyond as we progress towards the realisation of a truly sustainable industry.

Read our submission here.

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