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Boeing to collaborate with RSB, WWF to further grow a sustainable aviation industry in Brazil

Yesterday, Boeing announced a $1 million investment into the Brazilian bioeconomy via a commitment that will focus on identifying suitable feedstocks and supporting small-scale farmers across the country achieve RSB certification for the production of biomass for alternative fuels. Boeing aims to develop a truly sustainable aviation industry that will maximise the environmental, social and economic benefits of the bioeconomy – and RSB’s approach to sustainability will be key in guiding this investment.

RSB will be working with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to ensure sustainability in feedstock options and farming practices in order to increase the capacity for sustainable production for the aviation sector. The project will also support a diversification of production that will fuel the broader regional bioeconomy.  RSB’s approach to sustainability has been developed by a multi-stakeholder group of industry, business, NGOs and civil society and is widely acknowledged as a uniquely credible and practical solution for growing a sustainable bioeconomy.

Brazil is a biofuel powerhouse and we believe this leadership can also translate into benefits for small farmers and communities who are at the forefront of the multi-feedstock supply chain that can support biojet fuel production in the country,” said Marc Allen, senior vice president of Boeing and president of Embraer Partnership & Group Operations.

RSB’s Executive Director, Rolf Hogan, had this to say, “Boeing’s commitment to ensuring real and credible sustainability in the growing bioeconomy has seen them play a hands-on role in Brazil and beyond for many years. This new piece in the puzzle reaffirms that commitment and we are looking forward to working with farmers, business, industry, government and other stakeholders in shaping this latest investment in growing a strong and sustainable bioeconomy which will create opportunities for all as we win the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

Boeing has played a key role as an RSB member in developing this approach and has collaborated with RSB and WWF on various projects over the last 6 years to advance the growth of a truly sustainable aviation industry in Brazil and globally.

By ensuring that their investment in the bioeconomy in Brazil is anchored in the best-in-class sustainability of the RSB standard, Boeing is helping to grow an aviation industry that creates jobs and boosts the Brazilian economy without negatively impacting food security, biodiversity, land access or water rights and security.

This $1 million investment provides an additional layer to the Fuelling the Sustainable Bioeconomy project – a partnership between RSB and WWF and powered by The Boeing Company. The project aims to help the aviation industry play a leading role in tackling the threat of climate change, creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, developing rural livelihoods and protecting the environment. By providing guidance on the sustainability of alternative fuels, bringing together relevant stakeholders and integrating the bioeconomy as a critical part of the just energy transition, Fuelling the Sustainable Bioeconomy will help to direct investment, policy makers, market development and further research to support the emergence of a truly sustainable bioeconomy.

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