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Steeper Energy becomes latest industry leader to join the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials

By developing meaningful solutions to the trifecta challenges of fossil fuel reliance, underutilisation of residual biomass as well as bio-degradation and disposal of urban bio-organic wastes all of which leads to accelerated climate change, Steeper Energy has become a leader in producing renewable fuels that promise to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through their patented Hydrofaction® process, which utilises supercritical water, Steeper enables the conversion of sustainable biomass and bio-organic waste material into competitive advanced fuels.

Joining RSB represents a major step for Steeper Energy, showcasing their commitment to every aspect of sustainability in the bio-economy. With a €50 M joint demonstration project with Norway’s Silva Green Fuels A/S – the first phase of a multi-phase project to transform the site of a former pulp mill in Tofte, Norway into a circa €200 M, 100 M fuel-ton production, advanced biofuels production plant – underway, RSB is excited to see Steeper build sustainability into their projects from the ground up.

Steeper Energy CEO, Perry Toms, had this to say upon joining RSB, “The Hydrofaction® process is at the cusp of commerciality and as it is more fully deployed it will: significantly reducing carbon intensity of the heavy and long-haul transport sector via compliant advanced biofuels through the effective utilisation of forestry, agricultural residues or energy crops, as well as, urban bio-organic waste management. Joining RSB is a critical platform for Steeper Energy to engage with other members and leaders in the sustainable bioeconomy. Our technology has the potential to reduce 5% of global GHG emissions at full deployment and as we scale up these connections and learnings will be invaluable to us.”

RSB’s Executive Director, Rolf Hogan, welcomed Steeper Energy to our community, “Steeper Energy are ambitious – about their technology and their potential to shape the global response to climate change. Joining the RSB not only underlines that commitment to sustainability but also unlocks the door to our global community where collaboration, learning and mutual support lifts our members, and our vision, up.”

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