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Green Aviation Research & Development Network (GARDN) becomes latest organisation to join RSB

Green Aviation Research and Development Network - GARDN

The Green Aviation Research & Development Network (GARDN) becomes latest organisation to join RSB

Working together to create a sustainable aviation industry

The Green Aviation Research & Development Network (GARDN) has recognised the role of RSB in supporting the development of an environmentally and socially responsible aviation industry by becoming an RSB member, joining a line-up of corporations, organisations and agencies that are helping to shape the bioeconomy across industry and sectors. GARDN is a part of the Canadian Federal Government’s Business-Led Networks of Centers of Excellence programme and, by building an expert network from both the Canadian government and aviation industry, it is fostering the continuous development of technologies and processes for a quiet, clean and sustainable air transport by aviation’s reducing the environmental footprint in Canada and abroad. With a keen focus on tackling the challenges of developing biofuel supply chains in many of its projects, GARDN has identified membership of the RSB, with its best-in-class sustainability Standard, as an ideal fit.

By working with the RSB, GARDN is taking steps towards achieving its vision of carbon-neutral growth in the aviation industry by 2020 and a halving of GHG emissions by 2050. RSB’s framework fosters collaboration across a broad range of stakeholders – from producers to end-users and across sectors and industries – and provides the networks, guidance and platform to help support GARDN. 

 With the announcement of GARDN’s admittance to RSB membership, Executive Director Sylvain Cofsky had this to say:There’s no doubt today that the use of biofuels is essential to achieve the environmental goals of the aviation sector. Nonetheless, we need to ensure that the biofuels suggested are thoroughly compliant with the sustainable development framework. This is the main stake of the collaboration with RSB.’’

RSB’s Executive Director, Rolf Hogan, in welcoming GARDN as member acknowledges GARDN as a leader in building a sustainable aviation industry, “We are very pleased to work with GARDN and we believe the RSB will benefit greatly from GARDN’s experience in leading collaborative industrial R & D projects which include all parts of the sustainable aviation fuel value chain.”

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