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Biomass Partnership promoting sustainable agriculture

The RSB announced the General Agreement for Technical Cooperation with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) to support the implementation of the RSB Standard for biomass producers in the Americas.

IICA is a specialized agency with 75 years of institutional history. Its mission is to “encourage, promote and support Member States in their efforts to achieve agricultural development and rural well-being through international technical cooperation of excellence”.

The RSB and IICA will cooperate in promoting sustainable agriculture by means of innovation and knowledge management on certification principles and criteria, sustainable solutions, life-cycle analysis, alternative uses of biomass, biofuels, and biomaterials. The partnership will also promote institutional resilience in the 34 countries of the Americas and the Caribbean for the benefit of farmers and their families, rural territories, value chains and organisations.

The MOU was signed at a reception in Vancouver, Canada on the 14th November where the RSB was hosting its Assembly of Delegates and Business Forum event “Getting Biojet to Scale”. The RSB’s board member, Dr. Deberson Jesus Ferreira and Dr. Jamil Macedo, the Executive Secretary of Procitropicos/IICA in Brazil led the proceedings.

During the reception, IICA also launched two new publications in Spanish, covering topics of interest for RSB members and other stakeholders, the documents and respective links are:

Cadena de producción sustentable de bioqueroseno vinculada a los territorios rurales en América Latina y el Caribe

Guia metodológico para implantação dos critérios de sustentabilidade da RSB – Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials em pequenos y medianos produtores ruarais

The Written material can be used as a reference by the IICA and its partners in management activities, development, research and extension along rural producers.   They will be of interest to the technicians working with the producers of Jatropha, but may also be applied to other agricultural crops or forestry.  

The text covers all the certification requirements relevant to the rural producers.


Watch this to find out more about the work IICA does.

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