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Brazilian government examining how to boost biofuel uptake

The proposed production expansion of renewable fuels in Brazil: RenovaBio will address the sustainability of conventional and new biofuels such as second-generation ethanol, sugarcane diesel, biogas/biomethane, biokerosene and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). The program also aims to stablish new trading rules and define policies to encourage the investment in renewable fuels.

The RSB has followed the discussions around the RenovaBio since October 2016 and on the 18th August participated in a strategic workshop promoted by CTBE (the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory) to discuss the new regulation. The focus of the RSB’s engagement at this event was on how certification works and the use of its GHG calculator within the biofuels context. It concluded by identifying potential synergies between the RSB standard and the requirements of the new law.
Whilst the new regulations take time to be finalised the RSB will continue to follow the discussions and participate on a voluntary basis.

Review the presentations of CTBE Workshop about RenovaBio
The official Ministry website about the new regulation.


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